Shreyas MM Bio

Shreyas MM
#include mmshreyas.h
#include smileon yourface.h
#include contactme.h

int happy;
char lovely[9];
//Read This One………………….
Hi….Guys Well About SHREYas Hmm…He is A Simple Guy To Say . What I Like About Him is His Nature To Help Others In Most Of The Situation.
He is Truely Transperent By Nature . He Has Very Passion To Learn Computers Right From 6th Grade. He Loves Small Children And Pets. Most Of The Time I See Him He Will Be Seen I Front Of His Computer Or Hanging Out With Friends Or Reading Magazines.

I Once Asked What People Or Friends You Dont Like Or Hate He Told “The People Who Come To Me When There is Work With Me Or When They Want Something From Me.”

He Speaks Kannada,Telugu,English,Hindi Perfectly and Tamil little Bit.
*/ He Learnt Recently By Watching Tamil Films/*

His Fav Qoute is-
“To Love SomeOne is ‘Nothing’,
To Be Loved By SomeOne is ‘Anything’,
To Be Loved By The Love You Love is ‘Everthing'”.
(Read Twice Or thrice You Will Understand The Inner Meaning)”);

{ You Can Mail Or Send Comments To Him At
//Comments Makes Him Happy

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