How i Felt with my First Job

Since from beginning around 8th standard i am fascinated by took me a lot of time in understanding of web technologies.
until in august 6 2014 i joined the kapnovate technologies.the stuff i do here

  • Front end work (html,css,js)
  • Email Design & coding
  • Facebook Posts & Adds Design

The thing is i am over Qualified For This Job & i can not be doing the same stuff for next 2 years. the job does not fascinates me. i need to Keep going in backend programming Php

i dont know if some has experianced this or not when your coding the email you get lot of frustrutions over it.
by this frustion i am writing this article. i dont know what iam doing next


Engineering tries to teach All but not one thing in Perfect & Companies need you to be perfect in one thing